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Discovery Time

  • 4Weeks
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Discover Your Purpose! Are you feeling lost or uncertain about your life's direction? The Discovery Time plan helps you gain clarity for accomplishing your goals. Find your purpose and start living a more fulfilling life. Book your session today! Discovery Time: Perfect for those starting their journey. Personalized assessment of your current life situation. Guidance on setting goals and exploring your purpose. Access to resources and worksheets. Certificate of completion included Welcome to The Spirit Disciple's "Discovery Time." This is your first step towards unlocking your life's purpose and experiencing true fulfillment. In this session, you'll begin a journey of self-discovery. Assess your current life situation, explore your goals, and begin to uncover the path that aligns with your unique purpose. The session resources will provide guidance and insights, giving a clearer sense of direction and initial steps. Your journey starts here. Begin your Discovery Time today and witness the transformation. This course has a maximum of 30 days to complete.

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